Call Before You Dig

Planning to Dig?
Are you planning to fence, landscape, dig a garden or inspect pilings? Building an addition to your house?

Beware of buried pipes
Did you know that when you (or a contractor performing work for you) dig by hand or excavate with machinery you risk damaging an underground network of natural gas pipes?

FREE locating service
Play it safe. Inuvik Gas Ltd. offers a free locating service to help you protect yourself and others from unnecessary damage. IGL personnel, using special equipment can locate underground natural gas pipes for you. The location of the spots you should avoid are marked with yellow (paint, stakes or flags).

Plan ahead. Before you start digging, please call at least two (2) working days in advance.

Careless digging can be costly
Digging in the wrong spot could cut off essential services, not just to one home, but to the entire community. Gas piping creates a safety hazard to you and others. Anyone who damages natural gas pipes could be liable for at least the cost of the repairs.

Please call us at 867-777-3422.

Please notify other utilities
We also urge you to call other local utilities for the locations of their service lines on the site where you plan to dig.