Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) Rate Finalized at $35.44/GJ Effective February 1, 2013

Inuvik Gas Ltd. confirms the Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) rate is $35.44 per gigajoule (GJ), based on the landed cost of propane at the time the request for proposals (RFP) for propane supply was completed on February 1, 2013.

The rate, which was set following approval by the Public Utilities Board (PUB), has also been reviewed and endorsed by the Town of Inuvik and is effective February 1, 2013.

The SNG system was put in place to provide a safe and reliable source of energy for homes and businesses in Inuvik. Customers will start to see the new rate reflected in the next billing cycle.

The largest portion of the rate, or $27.17/GJ, is made up of the purchase of propane and the cost to deliver it to Inuvik, as determined through an open, competitive bid process. The costs incurred by Inuvik Gas, including delivery, operations, maintenance and keeping the Ikhil reserve functional and accessible, make up the remaining $8.27.

The Town of Inuvik is now running on SNG. Inuvik Gas worked closely with the local and chief gas inspectors during the switch.

If customers experience any issues with their gas appliances on SNG, they should call Inuvik Gas immediately at 777-4427. Inuvik Gas wants to hear from customers so they can address any concerns that may arise.

To ensure continued safe and reliable gas service during cold weather, it is essential that the supply of electricity to the heat trace on the gas riser is maintained. Customers are asked not to unplug the Ground Fault Interrupt (GFI) device that is plugged into their home or business. Customers are asked to check regularly to see if the light remains on. If customers will be away, we encourage you to have someone check this for you. If the light does not stay on, please contact Inuvik Gas immediately at 777-4427.

For more information, please contact: Kevin MacKay General Manager Inuvik Gas Limited (867) 777-3422

Safety tip: Natural gas and SNG are both odorized. If you smell gas, call Inuvik Gas' Emergency Line at no charge 24 hours a day at 777-4427.